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Oren Cohen: Prime Real Estate Marathon Runner

Oren Cohen Prime Real Estate helps the exhilarating but stressful experience of buying a home in Israel become a reality. ”We make sure we know our clients and what they need. They’re our best promoters”, Says Cohen

One family has bought no fewer than seven Jerusalem apartments through Oren Cohen — the original couple over 25 years ago, followed by a brother and a brother-in-law and, most recently, each of their four adult children.

Multi-family sales are part for the course for Cohen, who prides himself as a marathon runner in Israel’s real estate world, a man who maintains long-term relationships with his clients. “Business is about people,” he says. “We make sure we know our clients and what they need. They recognize this, tell their friends, and come back. They’re our best promoters.”

“Oren is a top-notch real estate broker, who pays attention to detail and gives expert advice,” says client ‘Robin’ from the US. “His understanding of the marketplace is excellent and his ability to match buyer and seller is his expertise. I tell everyone looking to buy or sell property in Jerusalem to go to Oren Cohen.”

Cohen opened his prime real estate agency in 2020 after 22 years at the helm of Century 21 Real Estate. Aimed at the luxury market, its launch coincided with the arrival of global pandemic, but Cohen’s name and many long-term contacts, have kept him busy through COVID-19. “With Zoom presentations, videos and attractive marketing materials, we give real-as-possible tours, and have been selling many properties in Jerusalem and elsewhere in Israel,” he says. “What we’ve seen during this time is a marked change in buying patterns in Jews overseas: they are now looking for real footholds in Israel, places which could become full-time homes, instead of the two-bedroom holiday homes of before.”

Closely connected with Jewish communities in the US, UK, Europe, Australia, South Africa and South America, Cohen specializes in helping “the exhilarating but stressful experience of buying a home in Israel become a reality. He feels, he says, “privileged to help provide homes in Israel for Jews from all over the world.”

Dealing with other people’s money is a responsibility he takes very seriously. He and his seven highly professional agents, consult, evaluate and negotiate for their clients. They recommend leading professionals — lawyers, architects, appraisers, interior designers, contractors, mortgage consultants. “And we protect and escort our clients all the way to the housewarming party, and afterward too, when necessary. They become our friends and our ambassadors.”



As a friend, Cohen is advising clients that now is the time to invest in property in Israel. “Israel’s Central Bureau of Statistics has forecast that if the current purchase rate is maintained, the inventory of new apartments will run out in about eight months,” he says. “In high-demand areas, the supply is already limited and building permits are hard to come by.

Meantime, attractive high-end projects and prime off-market properties are still out there, many of them exclusive to Oren Cohen Prime Real Estate. One is a landmark Bauhaus-style building on Ibn Shaprut Street in Jerusalem’s Rehavia suburb. It has apartments and garden and penthouse duplexes, with underground parking, fitness center, underfloor heating, air conditioning and smart-home systems. Seven minutes away on Ibn Gavirol Street is the President’s Garden project. Its garden apartments, penthouse duplex, architect-designed lobby and covered parking and storage will be ready by fall.

In neighboring Talbiyeh, Cohen represents a luxury boutique project between the Waldorf Astoria and King David hotels. Standing on privately owned land at 7 Hess Street, its completion is due this summer. He also acts for a high-end project adjacent to the Jerusalem Theater, as well as an exclusive residential development in Baka. And although Jerusalem is his primary focus, Cohen works outside the capital as well. Tel Aviv Seaview — 10 well-appointed three-room boutique apartments in a private luxury project near Neve Tzedek, the Carmel Market and the beach — is one example. Occupancy is scheduled for February 2024.

In the end, of course, it is the clients who speak loudest. ‘Edith’ from the US says: “If there was ever a real estate agent who puts client before commission, it’s Oren Cohen. If there’s ever an available property not yet on the market, Oren knows about it.”

And RD Dessler of Cleveland adds: “I’ve known and worked closely with Oren Cohen for almost 20 years. I recommend him highly, not only as a professional realtor but also as a valued and reliable friend who’s assisted me, my family and many dear friends throughout the years in numerous real estate transactions, always with integrity and grace. It’s truly an honor and privilege to have collaborated with him, and I hope to continue doing so for years to come.”

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