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German Colony

German Colony Jerusalem Israel – The German Colony neighborhood was established in the 1870s by members of a religious movement, the Temple Society – members of the Temple, from the Württemberg district in southern Germany, who were referred to as the German “Templars”. 


The German Colony is a pastoral enclave in the capital of Israel, a kind of Central European village in the heart of Jerusalem.


Beginning in the 1870s, with the development of conservation awareness, all the new buildings in the colony were built in a style that matched its original spirit: low-rise construction, tiled roofs, arched windows, an emphasis on yards and landscaping, and the like. This preserves its special character, as a kind of ‘Central European’ village in the heart of Jerusalem, where local elements are intertwined. The Council for the Preservation of Heritage Sites in Israel sees the preservation of the neighborhood as a good example of a combination of preservation and development that helps the inner city of Jerusalem in terms of tourism and economy, and therefore the importance of preserving the existing one. 


Emek Refaim Street is the main street of the German Colony. 


In the last decade of the 20th century, many cafes, restaurants, bars, and boutiques opened in the colony, and it took on a young character. Many even call the colony the “Sheinkin of Jerusalem.” In the spring and summer season, various festivals are often held in the colony. The German colony, being one of the most vibrant areas in the city, is characterized by many natives emphasizing an Anglo-Saxon population from the area. 


Within walking distance, you can reach the bell garden, a great place for picnics and family fun. In the German colony is a section of the “Railway Park”, which extends along the route of the old railway line to Jerusalem, which ceased to operate in 1998. 


The colony is home to the following institutions: the Museum of Nature, and the Center for Folk Culture for Youth. 


The neighborhood offers apartments for sale that combine the Jerusalem character with a high standard of living and a quality population, private homes for renovation and preservation, along with private homes for sale that include spacious green gardens, high ceilings and arched windows, and new projects offering a modern lifestyle and modern buildings.  


At the end of the neighborhood is the prestigious and restored Orient Hotel, followed by the Bell Garden, the Khan Theater, the Cinematheque, the Begin Heritage Center, the Scottish Hotel and the picturesque Yemin Moshe neighborhood.

New German Colony spacious apartment

Spacious New German Colony Apartment

6 rooms  |  4 baths  | 180 SQ. M

German colony specious new apartment for Sale

New German Colony Apartment

6 rooms  |  4 baths  | 180 SQ. M

new garden apartment

German Colony New Garden Apartment

5 rooms  |  2 baths  | 133 SQ. M

German Colony New Apartment

German Colony Apartment for Sale

4 rooms  |  2 baths  | 90 SQ. M

German Colony New Penthouse

German Colony New Penthouse

6 rooms  |  3 baths  | 201.29 SQ. M

German Colony Private house

German Colony Penthouse

German Colony Penthouse

5 rooms  |  5 baths  | 200 SQ. M


German Colony House

4 rooms  |  2 baths  | 150 SQ. M
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