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Rehavia has always been considered an upscale neighborhood, which consisted of academics, university professors, doctors, lawyers and teachers, as well as some of the most leading figures of the Jewish community. In the late 1920s, early 1930s, the national institutions of the “the Country on the move” were built throughout Rehavia, namely the Jewish Agency, the Jewish National Fund (JNF) and the Keren HaYesod foundation. Among the many neighborhoods built in Jerusalem during the Mandate, Rehavia stands out as a classic “garden city” neighborhood, one of six garden neighborhoods established in Jerusalem. The variety of architectural styles of the buildings in the neighborhood have made it a magnet for art lovers and curious tourists. Rehavia’s uniqueness also came from the residents’ personal stories of the neighborhood who created a spectacular mosaic of diverse cultural life, as well as a high involvement in politics and social issues. Rehavia is designed to be an ideal combination of both city and village; a spacious neighborhood, limited in its number of residents, surrounded by green spaces and separated from industrial areas. The streets of Rehavia, with the exception of Ussishkin, Arlozorov and Gaza streets, are named after figures from medieval Spanish Jewish poets. One of the main centers in the neighborhood is the buildings of the national institutions, which include the Jewish Agency offices, the Jewish National Fund and the Keren Hayesod foundation, Heichal Shlomo, the Great Synagogue, in which the buildings of the Hebrew Gymnasia were built. The neighborhood also has the second windmill in Jerusalem. The neighborhood has many historic synagogues, including the Yeshurun ​​Synagogue, the President’s Synagogue and the Horev Synagogue, the Netzach Israel Synagogue and the Kahal Hasidim Synagogue. The Rehavia neighborhood offers private homes for sale, garden apartments and penthouses, in limited options, such as new projects, renovated apartments, or old apartments intended for renovation, that you could find exclusively at our office. The 9988-master plan for the neighborhood limits the possibility of increasing the rights to homes in the neighborhood, preserves houses of architectural and historical value, and preserves the unique and classic character of the neighborhood. Rehavia is one of the most sought-after neighborhoods among Israelis and Jews from the United States, Europe and the rest of the world. The relatively low supply of properties for sale in the neighborhood makes the properties in the area much more attractive and preserves their value for many years to come.

Apartment in Lev Rehavia project

Penthouse on Ben Maimon st.

Rechavia Ben Maimon Penthouse

4 rooms  |  2 baths  | 100 SQ. M

Rechavia Three Bedroom Garden Apartment

4 rooms  |  2.5 baths  | 124 SQ. M

Rechavia Penthouse

6 rooms  |  4.5 baths  | 285 SQ. M


Garden Apartment in Rechavia

5 rooms  |  3 baths  | 203 SQ. M

Occupancy Soon!

New Luxury Apartment in Rechavia

4 rooms  |  2.5 baths  | 121 SQ. M


Penthouse in Rehavia

5 rooms  |  2 baths  | 140 SQ. M


Rehavia Apartment for Sale

4 rooms  |  2 baths  | 90 SQ. M
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