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Talbiyeh is an upscale neighborhood, located between Rahavia and Katamon, and is considered one of the most beautiful neighborhoods in the city.

This prestigious neighborhood is defined, among other features, through its spacious, high ceilings and unique homes, which were built in the neighborhood in the 1920s, by wealthy Arab-Christian residents.

The Talbiyeh neighborhood consists of numerous municipal and state office buildings such as the official residence of the President of the State of Israel, located on Jabotinsky St. (Hanasi street today ) , alongside the National Academy of Sciences and the Van Leer Institute. In the early 1970s, the Jerusalem Theater was established on the lower part of Marcus Street.

Talbiyeh is considered a longtime upscale neighborhood. The sought-after and exclusive neighborhood consists of an upscale population such as professors, judges, lawyers and other celebrities, and in recent years, has become a sought-after neighborhood among upper-class foreigners.

As of the late 1980s, the neighborhood joined the site preservation program.

The Talbiyeh neighborhood is characterized by private homes for sale, old homes for renovation and preservation with additional building rights, garden and penthouses for sale, as well as apartments for renovation.

Talbiyeh also offers new apartments for sale, as well as a large number of new luxury projects and developments, some in which are currently in advanced stages of construction. Some of the complexes include an adjacent hotel that provides tenants with hotel service such as access to swimming pool, the fitness room, and doorman service. Talbiyeh also consists of numerous luxury apartments of varying sizes, as well as exclusive boutique buildings after renovation and expansion, such as garden, penthouses, and spacious 3 to 5 room apartments. You will be able to find all of these properties in our sales office.

** Prior to purchasing a property in the neighborhood, we highly recommended you to contact one of our agents in order to assist with identifying landowners, providing you with a proper price estimation of the property, as well as additional construction and building rights options and other important parameters.

Apartment on Sokolov Street in Talbiyeh

Renovated Talbiyeh Jerusalem Apartment

3.5 rooms  |  1.5 baths  | 87 SQ. M


Talbiye Apartment with Garden

3 rooms  |  2 baths  | 75 SQ. M Price : ₪8,200


Talbiye Garden Apartment

2 rooms  |  1.5 baths  | 45.6 SQ. M

Apartment for sale in talbiyeh


Talbiye Apartment for Rent

3 rooms  |  2 baths  | 107 SQ. M Price : ₪9,800


Brand new magnificent apartment in Talbiyeh

3 rooms  |  1 baths  | 75 SQ. M Price : ₪3,350,000

New 2,465 SQ. FT apartment in Talbiyeh

5 rooms  |  3 baths  | 218 SQ. M
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