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'Or Ein-Sof' Foundation

Giving back to the community

We, at Oren Cohen Group, strongly believe that it is a privilege and a moral duty to  give back to the community. We have and continue to donate a partial amount of our profits to numerous communities in need.

“Giving is receiving”

For the past two decades, The Or Einsof Foundation has taken part in donating to many organizations and charities working with at-risk youths, underprivileged communities as well as organizations that supprt the Jewish heritage.

If you would be interested in donating to these organizations and learn more about their activities, we will be happy to put you in touch with the relevant organizations involved.




"The chosen"
Social Excellence Forum
Giving back to the community 

“The Chosen ” is an innovative and fascinating national program, the purpose of which is to identify, select and train the best of the youth in Israel for positions in the areas of social responsibility, as those who will be the generation of leaders of tomorrow, the standard bearers of responsibility and social entrepreneurship, the program aims to provide tools and abilities to work persistently to empower members and people in the surrounding that circles them. 

In this framework and in a pilot that lasted about four years, about a thousand youth were trained for social entrepreneurship roles and carrying out projects at a national level, while integrating members of all religions, sectors and localities in the country, with a pluralistic approach and a national vision.

The Oren Cohen Group company and the foundation we established, the ” Or Einsof ” Foundation, believe that it is a moral duty to give back to the community, and to help the next generation to create leading young social leadership that influences all areas of life for a better future in education, society and culture.

We are happy and excited for the privilege of having taken a significant and active part in the educational and symbolic mock trial of the renewal of the Nuremberg Trials held at the United Nations building in New York, where Prof. Ernst Rudin will be put on trial, which will later become part of the curriculum in many countries around the world. 

The trial was held with the participation of Prof. Eliakim Rubinstein, the retired Vice-President of the Supreme Court, Judge Silvia Fernandez, the retired President of the International Criminal Court, Prof. Angelica Nussberger, the Vice-President of the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg, Prof. Alon Chen, President of the Weizmann Institute, Mr. Gilad Erdan, Israel’s Ambassador to the United Nations and young Israeli leaders selected by the Chosen Project of the Forum for Social Excellence, in which we are active.

"Atid Israel"
Giving back to the community 

Atid Israel – an organization and movement of activists in the ultra-orthodox sector, advocating statehood and broad social action in a variety of platforms and programs.

The activities of the association include youth movements and educational programs, learning about history and community with Israel in the spirit of Israel’s teachings, guiding youth towards significant military service, accompanying those serving in the military service routes and providing vocational and social assistance and guidance to young people and graduates of the service.


The uniqueness of the organization is that it is a body with a distinct ultra-Orthodox color that meets high public standards and is an infrastructure for running programs for statutory bodies.


The organization’s staff took part in the establishment of the ultra-Orthodox routes in the Givati Brigade – the ‘Tomer’ route and in the Paratroopers Brigade – the Hatz route. Today, after more than five years of activity, hundreds of ultra-Orthodox soldiers serve in these routes, with many of them integrating into command and officer positions.


In addition, the organization operates through public and media tools, educational institutions and community leaders, continuous work on social networks, writing position papers, coverage in the press and media, participating and taking part in social conferences, with the aim of integrating the ultra-Orthodox population and bridging the divisions in Israeli society.


The future of Israel – security, economy, society. Striving for social involvement and taking responsibility by young people from the ultra-orthodox sector.


We believe that the time has come to move from the phase of “integration of the ultra-Orthodox sector” to the phase of “partnership of the ultra-Orthodox sector” in all areas of life in the State of Israel. 


"Lev chash"

Giving back to the community 


A big thank you to the Israeli Construction Center and to its head Eran Rolls who hosted the exciting fundraising evening for the Lev Hash Association at his center.



 A big thank you to Yehoshua Rauchbner from Lev Hash for explaining to us about the sacred activity they have been doing every day for over two decades, and about our great privilege, as a business entity to support and help, and give back to society and the community in material and spirit. 


Lev Chash is a humanitarian organization that has been operating for over 20 years on a non-profit basis and assists all sections of the population.

The activity began in 1997 in memory of Sarah Rauchberger and Chava Zeibald – and therefore the name Lev Chash

At the founding of the association, they saw in their vision Joshua and Yaakov Charitable organizations, which will operate in Haifa with the aim of alleviating the difficulties of the disadvantaged in the city and empowering this layer of the population.


"Bat Melech"

A non- profit organization

Big thank you Noah Korman the head of “Bat Melech” non- profit organizationwho came to explain the Contribution to society that the organization does every day, for over two decades. It’s our privilege, as a business to support and help, and give back to society and the community in a material and spiritual way.

About “Bat Melech” organization

“Bat Melech” an Israeli based non-profit organization, was founded in 1995 to address domestic violence in the Orthodox community. Bat Melech shelters provide a safe haven, emotional support and legal aid to Orthodox women suffering from physical, sexual, emotional, financial and spiritual abuse by their husbands and are in life-threatening situations. 


We have chosen to donate to NCSY because we wholeheartedly believe in their cause and the positive impact they have on the lives of teenagers. Their mission of connecting, inspiring, and empowering English-speaking teens aligns perfectly with our values.

NCSY has been dedicated to enhancing the religious and national connection of Anglo teens to Israel since 2015. With a unique model that serves 9th-12th grade boys and girls, they provide a caring and supportive environment through their dedicated staff, including local chapter director couples and college-aged madrichim who have completed National Service.

Through a range of programs such as Shabbaton weekends, Latte & Limud events, cultural activities, and monthly mega-events, NCSY Israel creates opportunities for these teens to explore their identity, engage with their Jewish heritage, and connect with their peers. They address the challenges of cultural differences, social limitations, and the desire to contribute to society without a clear framework.


By donating to NCSY Israel, we are supporting their efforts to empower and guide immigrant teenagers through their critical teenage years. We believe in the transformative power of their programs and their commitment to fostering a sense of belonging and purpose in these young individuals. Together, we can make a difference and help these teens thrive in their new surroundings. 

"Shira Banki Way"

A non- profit organization

Many thanks to attorney Uri Banki, the father of the late Shira Banki and the head ofShira Banki wayorganization, who came to our office to explain the educational activities and values of the association that aim to promote moderation and tolerance in our society.

It is our privilege as a business entity to support and promote a value -based association that gives everyone a place.


About the Organization


The Organization was established in memory of the late Shira Banki who was murdered at the Pride Parade in Jerusalem in 2015.

The aim of this association is to act through educational, social, cultural, media activities and research amongst the different streams and communities our society is built of, to promote the value of having a safe public space where everyone has the right to free speech as is customary in a democratic country and while avoiding expressions of hatred, racism and violence. 


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If you are interested in supporting these organixations too – please leave your details below, and we will connect you to the relevant contacts:

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