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City Center

Jerusalem is without a doubt the most famous city in the world, the most famous location in Jerusalem is indeed the Old City which was the center of residence and commerce in the city for thousands of years – but in the modern era of 20th century upheavals things have developed in a new direction. Contrary to the conservative notion of continuing to live within the Old City walls, which was continued by the Ottoman Empire – the British who came here after World War I brought with them a new spirit of modern urbanity which aimed to move the center of gravity of Jerusalem out of the walls. The British brought here the best of their urban architects to solve the problem of the sporadic construction that was carried out outside the walls and put in meticulous order as is found throughout the British Empire. The result was: “The Triangle”. These are three main streets that bounded a large area and formed the plan for the urban center of the new Jerusalem – ‘Jaffa’, ‘King George’ and of course ‘Ben Yehuda’. In the area of ​​the triangle, all the commercial activity of the new Jerusalem was concentrated. Cinemas were set up in a triangle and so the place was upgraded to a place of entertainment and leisure in addition to the many shops that were located there. The only visual change that this central triangle has undergone since then to this day has been the transformation in the 1980s of ‘Ben Yehuda’ Street from a busy road into a convenient sidewalk – which has further transformed this location from a place of commerce to a place of entertainment and quality time. Today, the ‘Triangle’ is the parallel location in Jerusalem to the Old City, the light rail stops at two stations at the ends of the triangle and makes access to the area even more accessible. New hotels are being built at the fastest pace in the city, which further proves the high demand for many tourists and Israelis who want to reach this area, which is on the one hand a 15-minute walk to the Old City, on the other 10 minutes to the Mahane Yehuda market, and within the triangle itself and especially the well-known pedestrian zone ‘Ben Yehuda’ is a magnet for a vibrant way of life of the so rare combination of the old and the new that Jerusalem engraved on its flag.

For Rent in City Center

Apartment for rent in the city center

3.5 rooms  |  2.5 baths  | 100 SQ. M

New apartment in the city center

Jerusalem City Center New Apartment

4 rooms  |  2 baths  | 89 SQ. M

Har Habayit View

New on the market

Jerusalem City Center 5 Room Apartment

5 rooms  |  3 baths  | 139.5 SQ. M

New Price

For Rent

City Center Apartment for Rent

3 rooms  |  1 baths  | 65 SQ. M Price : ₪7,900


Amazing Penthouse

Jerusalem Mamila Penthouse for Sale

7 rooms  |  4.5 baths  | 220 SQ. M


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